The Masque = Acting + Juggling + 392.6

Are you tired of me not acting? I know everyone else is. Well, here’s your chance to rest your worn patience or just your eyes.

I’ll be performing in a strange and surprising live multi-disciplinary theatrical show about the fantasy of a little boy. In order to keep it as realistic as possible, I am of course included in the fantasy. My acting abilities are dreams come true to many tots. Don’t overtly bring children to the show, though. It’s in a bar!

The show will include postpubescent delights including alcohol, dirty restrooms, burlesque dancing, and a combination of my natural and contrived charisma.

  • 9pm $15
  • King King Hollywood
  • 6555 Hollywood Blvd. LA, CA
  • http://www.kingkinghollywood.com/
The Secrets and Masters of Live Entertainment...

Try following Scot's "Stage Geek" posts to see what he discovers about great live shows. More info?

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