Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions. More Info »

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Live Entertainer Scot Nery

Master of live entertainment

Scot has been performing since age 11. Eventually, he got awesome.

Scot Nery live entertainer

Scot Nery has performed all over the world on stage, television and film; and has helped other creators of entertainment along the way. His drive has always been to give audiences what they want before they ask for it. This has motivated some strange progressive stage creations and a comedy persona which is unmatched.

Life & Times

scot age 12

Currently Nery is chasing his curiosity down multiple paths as...

    Performer For Hire - performing at colleges, corporate parties, rock shows, special events and in TV + film productions.
    Stage Producer - the small stage is Scot’s lab where he tests and develops what’s next in for live entertainment.
    Teacher - students range from successful professional performers to amateurs to business speakers. Scot shares insight on juggling, magic, comedy and affecting an audience.
    Marketing Advisor - Good performers should get all the attention. Scot helps people get lined up with advice and promotional tools via Jumping Ovation

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"Very Funny Juggler!" -- Backstage Magazine

"Scot is one of the most hilarious comedy & variety acts that I have experienced in my 20 years of event planning. He kept both the kids and the adults entertained for 20 minutes straight. I simply say USE HIM! He is the best." -- Guy Genis @ Event Makers

"Splendidly Surreal!" -- Robin Williams

"Really Funny!" -- Paul Reubens

"Anyone who says different probably hasn't ever witnessed Scot Nery live onstage in any of his hysterically weird incarnations: pancake juggler, backpack escape artist, cooking show host, etc." -- San Francisco Weekly

"Nery never splatters while mixing patter with the batter. And there's nothing like a hot skillet to add sizzle to a juggling routine!" -- LA Times

"Scot Nery's performances are a delightfully irreverent indulgence with a highly-refined level of showmanship that amazes audiences of all ages." -- Philip Solomon @ Way2Much Entertainment

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Resume Highlights


Brooks & Dunn- 2 U.S. Amphitheater tours
Coachella & Lollapalooza
Bank of America
Northern Arizona University
Don't Mess With The Zohan - Contortion Stunts - Happy Madison / Sony
Bratz...The Movie - Juggling - Crystal Sky / Lions Gate
Highlight of Vegas Comedy Festival - National Lampoon
1st Place Hollywood Solo Show Battle "15 minutes of Him"

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