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Scot Nery
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  • Hiring Scot

    Scot performs mostly stage shows. These are events where the audience is in seats facing the stage and are able to focus with minimal distraction on the verbal comedy and physical displays of skill. Please look over Scot's technical rider to see if Scot is a good fit for your resources.

    Scot's prices change depending on technical needs, travel time, duration of performance, customization and a bunch of other factors.

    Corporate Events

    Corporate events are important. You need a performer who can take the audience by surprise and bring them together. You need something that is non-offensive and reflecting top quality. Scot has performed for events for Bank of America, McDonald's and other companies big and small. He goes above and beyond to prepare and ensure every show is effortless for the client and spectacular for the audience.


    College audiences are wise. They know what's good and what's bad, what's old and what's groundbreaking. Young people are more sophisticated than any other generation due to their ultra-connectivity. They also have attention problems. These are challenges relished by Scot. His pioneering of performance techniques and off-beat comedy hit it big with young adults. He can get as edgy as they want him and he can adjust at a moment's notice to any venue and any crowd.

    Private Parties

    Scot is a joyous surprise for guests of private parties. You get a weird, eccentric guy stirring up the chaos and simultaneously bonding and conflicting with the personal vibe of any shin-dig. Some stipulations:

    1. Scot is a performer for adults and families. He does not have to be dirty, but his humor and style of performance is wasted on an audience of mostly children.
    2. Any performance at a party needs to be in a time and area for complete focus. Usually, people are at a party to socialize, so a short (20 to 35 minute) show is recommended.
    3. Scot's goal is to get the best entertainment to all audiences. If he feels that he is not right for yours, he will help you find the act that is.


    All the info about teaching prices and how scheduling works is on the teaching page.

    Consulting / Production Help

    This is all organic. Contact Scot directly. Tell him what you're working on and how you want to collaborate. Together you and Scot will determine if it's a good match.