Instant L.A. Headshot $44

Using technology and removing the things I don't need from a headshot session, I may have found a way to get you a good headshot (including retouching) for $44. This is not the same as an expensive photo session.

*The purpose of this page is to gauge interest... I haven't taken a sample photo yet, but will send it to you if you sign up below.*


Instant Headshots Normal Headshots
Price $44 $400-$1500
Session length 7 minutes Hours
Custom looks
You receive all the raw photos
Retouched Photos 1 Multiple
Privacy other people may be around
Flexible Scheduling you'll signup for a time slot and it will happen
Snacks & Drinks

Would you?

Would you buy a $44 headshot if you saw an example of it looking great and professional? If so, signup to be notified when a sample photo and sessions are available.


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