Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions. More Info »

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Live Entertainer Scot Nery
juggling, contortion and circus skills

Skills out the wazoo!

Scot's curiosity and passion for learning have lead to some pretty marketable and remarkable abilities.

Scot loves learning. If the skill you desire is not listed below, Scot will find someone who has that skill or he can become that person.

To see some of Scot's skills in practice, view a video of him on the Stage Show or his TV + Film pages.

Theater Tech
  • Comedian

    Scot has taken on other comedians in several comedy competitions and done very well. He appeared on "Last Comic Standing," and has trained with mentors and teachers like crazy. Here is a quick video of him competing in CBS's Comedy Cage Match (in which he placed 2nd [with material he wrote the day before taping {bragging}]).

    • Comedy Writing - for stage or screen
    • Comedy Performing
    • Standup Comedian
    • Comedy Workshopping
  • Juggler

    Scot performs juggling for a living. He invents never-before-seen object manipulation routines with pancakes and buckets and cardboard boxes, but is also skilled at juggling traditional props.

    • 7 ball juggler
    • 5 club juggler
    • Can juggle knives and fire and other dangerous items
    • Juggler of unusual items
    • Can choreograph a group of jugglers
    • Able to teach non-jugglers how to do cool tricks
  • Contortionist

    Scot is very flexible and can contort his body in weird ways. He was trained in acrobatics and stretching by the San Francisco School of Circus Arts and Guinness's Most Flexible Man in the World. Hollywood loves his contortion skills for commercials and film.

    • Extreme Yoga
    • Feet behind head contortion
    • Basic Acrobatics
    • Can fit in a suitcase
    • Can do a contortion straight jacket escape
  • Theater Tech

    The Climate Theater in San Francisco traded work for use of the theater. He rewired the theater, rehung the lights, rebuilt the stage, programmed the lightboard and painted and built sets and everything else. He created signage, branding and calendars for the theater and helped with other press and promotions.

  • Entertainment Marketing

    In Scot's senior year of highschool, he went to a vocational school to learn engineering and machining. His teacher was horrible, so Scot taught himself programming, used it to steal his teacher's internet password and spent the rest of the year learning how to make websites.

    When Scot became a full-time performer, he made his own website. His friends asked for website help. Then, strangers started asking for help. Scot has read around 100 books about marketing, branding & propaganda. He loves it. In 2007, he worked for RED Marketing as a creative director and designer.

    Now, he runs Jumping Ovation -- a small entertainment marketing company.

    • Marketing Plans
    • Branding
    • Advertising from start to finish
  • Visual Designer

    Scot is in love with human innovation and advancement. That's why, every time he sees a billboard or a postage stamp, he's inspired to figure out how it could be better.

    Nery's focus for design is the same as for performing -- user-centric. He has a goal and a strategy with everything he designs. Here is a video of some of scot's motion graphics.

    more at http://jumpingovation.com

    • Websites
    • Print Collateral
    • Motion Graphics
    • Video Editing