Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions. More Info »

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Live Entertainer Scot Nery
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  • Comedy Pancake Juggling Stage Show

    Entertainment that's engaging, surprising and relatable.

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    The Pancake Show

    Scot's act is more than a pancake flipping act. It is 8 to 50 minute performance like you (and the rest of the audience) have never seen before. Scot is an expert at adjusting perfectly to the audience, venue and whatever else comes up in order to make the best show possible. Scot is self-contained, easier to work with, and surprising so that you and your guests can have fun.

    Interactive and inventive, Scot creates a comedy variety show out of nothing. He whips out a backpack, which contains ingredients for a pancake and begins cooking it on stage. While the pancake's cooking, he does tricks with every day objects; duct tape, a bucket, knives, even the backpack. There's contortion, comedy, juggling and maybe magic. When the pancake is cooked, Scot shows off his freestyle pancake flipping skills to hiphop music or music from the houseband.

    By the end, everyone is cheering because they find delight in Scot's personality and his achievements. Everyone has real fun. One viewer said, "We weren't just laughing at the jokes like he was a normal comedian, we were giggling with pure joy."

    Scot Is Great!

    Want to learn more about all the places Scot has performed and what important people say about him? That stuff's all on the general-info page.

    General Info

    Backpack by: Gregory Zabilski in: 2010 Knives by: Evan Young in: 2008 Pancake by: Gregory Zabilski in: 2010 Scot With Pan by: Gregory Zabilski in: 2010 Upside Down Juggling by: Tina Saez in: 2008


    Scot's unique and acclaimed performances combine his one-of-a-kind personality and newfangled object manipulation. Every show is a refreshing splash of unexpected ingenuity.


    Audiences love a fearless, carefree performer; they can relax and have fun. Scot's comic daring is infectious; his crowds cheer for every attempt, and positively rejoice at his successes.


    Chuckles are for kids. Scot elicits full-bodied, rolling, rollicking laughter. Foot-stomping, thigh-slapping release. And he does it on purpose. And he does it every time.

  • Emcee and Host Comedian

    Host, Emcee + Friend to Audiences

    "More than just an amazing juggler or contortionist, Scot is an improvisational phenom.

    One can only imagine how hard he worked for it to come off with such ease.*Hilarious*" - Matt Kowal @ New Belgium Brewery