Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions. More Info »

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Live Entertainer Scot Nery

Scot Loves Teaching

His dad a sports trainer and his mother is an education specialist. It's no wonder Scot likes dishing out knowledge.

Scot's lessons are casual and one-on-one. The schedule of your private lesson will depend on Scot's tour schedule. Pricing is $50 for 45 minutes or $75 for 90 minutes. Contact him directly at scot@jugglegood.com if you'd like to set up a first lesson.

Lessons are also available over video chat.

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  • Juggling Lessons in Los Angeles

    Learn to juggle the new-fashioned way. Scot's teaching techniques are meant to push you toward self-fulfilling success while making juggling fun and relaxing. You'll learn enough to impress yourself, your friends or an audience. The commitment is up to you.

    "To this day I continue to astound and amaze people with this talent I have learned from Scot Nery. Children will laugh, men will worship you, women will adore you!" - Christal Lee

    Scot wrote 8 Reasons Normal People Should Juggle.

    • learn ball juggling
    • learn club juggling
    • learn practice techniques
    • learn fun juggling tricks
  • Comedy Writing Lessons

    Comedy in it's purest state is unusual as an artform in that it is objective. You have the goal of making someone laugh. Scot is a student of audiences and many forms of comedy and helps performers find their voices.

    You will discover for yourself what's funny. Scot doesn't restrict students to his own style of comedy, he helps through experimentation, experience and principles to refine what is natural or constructed by the student.

    Beginners - Learn the foundations of forming a joke. Figure out what is funny about you already and start understanding how to get people to laugh at you when you want it.

    Intermediates - Discover what's missing. Find out why you're not connecting with the crowd, or how to inflate your personality in the right directions. Learn fundamentals and systems for making your laughs more controlled and real.

    Advanceds - This is more about working on a specific piece. Improve the rhythm and presentation of the gags and make good material into killer material. Mold all your stuff to your audience and figure out how to maximize on your favorite venues.

  • "Scot's creativity knows no bounds and his exuberance is infectious. He will teach you, but more than that, he will inspire you. I learn more in an hour with Scot than I did in my entire high school history class."
    -Paul Nathan
    "Scot Nery knows how to perform and can streamline your magic to be the best it can be. Get Scot and be Great!!!"
    -Eddie Medrano
    "Scot Nery has a fearless creativity, marching over cliff after cliff unscathed. He somehow avoids self-destructing, unlike us mere mortals, and ends up with some hugely rewarding results."
    -Frank Olivier
    "Taking a class on magic or juggling is a great idea for anyone remotely interested in the theatre arts. Hundreds of classes like these are offered all over the country, all the time. But taking a class from Scot Nery will put you in an entirely different league. With his charisma, skill, presentation, and complete understanding of the audience's psyche, even the simplist magic routine or juggling stunt will kill an audience. Like Lance Armstrong dominating the Tour de France, Michael Jordan changing the game of basketball, Michael Phelps owning every olympic swimming event, Mike Tyson knocking out opponents in the first 20 seconds of the first round, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, and Pele in their prime, Scot Nery is at the very top of the mountain, in a class all by himself. Having the rare opportunity to watch him work, study how he approaches a routine, and learn how to incorporate his skills into a package that will not only entertain an audience, but leave them thrilled, shocked, amazed, emotionally drained, and changed forever, is an opportunity that is not to be missed."
    - Scott Tripp

    Magic Lessons in Los Angeles

    Scot started performing magic shows at age 11 and his curiosity for what makes mystery has never vanished. Scot has worked with many professional magicians to develop and improve original tricks. Scot's deep knowledge and appreciation for efficiency are a boon to making tricks great. Whether you're a performer, a hobbyist, or a beginner Scot can help you improve your eye:hand quickness ratio.

    • Sleight Of Hand
    • Card Tricks
    • Every-day Object Tricks
    • Grand Illusion Refinement
    • Magic Consulting
    • Magic Routine Enhancement
  • Learn To Earn The Love Of An audience

    Performing a short speech for colleagues or doing an hour long ventriloquism show... you need to connect and affect your audience. An often over-looked art, live-performance is a separate skill that must be honed to truly connect and affect a crowd in a consistent way.

    Scot has performed in 15,000 seat amphitheaters, and 40 seat church basements; nursing homes, and jails for children. Along the way, he has always tested the boundaries of an audience's love. He has tons of practical experience and has done a lot of research and theorizing in order to master the art of connection.

    Live entertainment is taught in practical terms. During your lessons with Scot, you will be working on a piece or bit that you plan to perform. Want to better understand Scot's theory about live performance? Scot wrote a paper about Maximizing Live Performance

    Beginners - Comfort on stage for a beginner comes from confidence in your presentation. Scot will help you suppress stage-fright by helping you practice and assisting in planning your presentation so that it builds your confidence while you're doing it. You will learn to see yourself as the audience does and figure out if your goals are being met in your performance.

    Intermediate - Maybe you've been on stage before, but you're trying a new art-form or you are trying to figure out how to sustain better results. Scot can help you rework your strategies so that you get the most out of all your effort.

    Pros - The common problem with professional performers is being performer-centric or act-centric. You have developed your empire by creating a bit and adding another bit; trying to glue pieces together. The people that are most impacted by your stuff are the people that experience it fresh and have never seen anything like it before. Scot will help you make your entire performance feel like that to every member of the audience (if possible). He will help you channel the focus to you as the performer. If you are you, nobody can compete, and your show will be completely original.