Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions.

Live Entertainer Scot Nery

Juggling, Contortion, Comedy + Circus
in Hollywood

Genius comedy, freak skills + circus talent.

Contortion Photo

Michelle Braverman
office (818) 807-4675

Scot Nery
office (213) 761-4663
mobile (323) 632-6735

Scot's 2014 TV + Film Reel

juggling, contortion and circus skills

Skills out the wazoo!

Scot's curiosity and passion for learning have lead to some pretty marketable and remarkable abilities.

  • Comedy
  • Comedy Writing - for stage or screen
  • Comedy Performing
  • Standup Comedian
  • Comedy Workshopping
  • Contortion
  • Extreme Yoga
  • Feet behind head contortion
  • Can fit in a suitcase
  • Can do a contortion straight jacket escape
  • Balancing Large Objects on his Face
  • Juggling
  • 7 ball juggler
  • 5 club juggler
  • Can juggle knives and fire and other dangerous items
  • Juggler of unusual items
  • Can choreograph a group of jugglers
  • Able to teach non-jugglers how to do cool tricks
  • Stilt Walking
  • Slapstick
  • Basic Acrobatics
  • Unicycling

Skills Reel

Scot loves learning. If the skill you desire is not listed, check with Scot. He might have the skill, be able to master it quickly, or know the person who can do the job.