Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions.

Live Entertainer Scot Nery
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Get creatively unstuck and MAKE SOMETHING!

https://youtu.be/JeugTodQEdc You're not limited by your "creativity" you're limited by your selfishness. It's okay. Everyone has some selfishness. Creativity is not a measure of some magical power you have. It's the evidence of how much you have created. Create things for people you love and you'll be prolific.

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Mar 27th 2020

Email Newsletters Can Be Easier!

https://youtu.be/ePuMVmtX8yk When we get stuck writing a newsletter, developing an online audience, or trying to send out a message, it's often because we're trying to think about how to help ourselves / our biz. Once we switch the focus to our audience and serving them, things get easier and way more effective. Please comment with any questions or thoughts!

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Creating an Act That Works

https://youtu.be/Dx4iYxI4JY0 Your audience comes to you for guidance. You gotta tell them how to be entertained your way! Step up. Lead them. Tell them what you want and how to play the game. They don't want to be in the driver's seat. Master entertainment by being the shepherd they seek. I'm doing online classes right now.

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Don’t Chase Happiness in Entertainment

https://youtu.be/w2LdQzGb21Y Pursuing happiness is futile. Don't chase dreams, chase goals. It's more rewarding and it can help you be more prolific and fulfilled. You can get what you really want from entertainment -- that spark that got you into this: service. I am now doing full-on classes for show business people. Check them out now!

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Joey Mac Contortion in a Toy Box Web Ads

I had the honor of being the body double for the star of New Kids on the Block - Joey Mcintyre. His new show on

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Boobie Trap’s Second Appearance on LATV’s “The Zoo”

Here we go again with Brett Loudermilk, Nana THE Cat Lady, and Lamonte Tales Goode (cyberyoga).

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Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap sizzle by Charlie Haid!

Charlie Haid directed this pitch video to create a televised version of Boobie Trap. It features a little Scot Nery philosophy and some of the best entertainers in the world! It's a fast overview of what we've been doing in LA for almost 100 consecutive weeks... If you'd like to link to, or comment or like the video : go to facebook video

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