Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions.

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Contortionists in human skull from Skinwars

I was a male contortionist on SkinWars

See the eyebrows? I'm the eyebrows. It's such an awesome gift to be able to meet and be painted by the best body paint artists in the world! This is one of the reasons being a contortionist in Hollywood is so incredible. And it's really

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Nov 20th 2014

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6 Steps For Hiring A Creative Artist

Creative work is very rewarding, and working with creatives is very confusing. At least, it can be:

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How I used my flexible face for American Horror Story

I got to do a promo for American Horror Story and they did cool and creepy things to my face. Here's a visual that I'm hoping will help my dentist. yt I auditioned as a scary clown, and was chosen because my skin is above-average stretchy and I have a flexible face. That's not my real mustache. Watch the video here!

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Halloween Night 2006 Movie

In 2006, I was asked by a friend Mark Atkins to be the killer in Halloween Night. Guess what... I did it. It was my first movie doing heavy makeup and it was straight to DVD, but I'm talking a lot of DVDs! It was in every Hollywood Video and every Blockbuster across the country. It was translated to other languages. My friend even saw it in the trashcan of a taxi driver in Florida!

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Slow Motion Fire Juggler on MSN

I was featured today for the fire juggling I performed in slow motion on MSN's Slowmo Show. Here's the clip and here are some other slow motion videos from the same session... Slow Motion Fire Juggler Slow Motion Pancake Flipping Slow Motion Apple Juggling The fire juggling was also featured on Yoyo News and Laughing Squid

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Comedy & Variety at Moisture Festival

Moisture Festival is an annual loose and funny variety arts event in Seattle, WA. It includes comedians, jugglers, music, circus, and burlesque. The name refers to the raininess of Seattle.

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Busking at Mardi Gras 2002

I street performed for years all over the world. Juggling and comedy shows free to the public and costly to me. It was a really great challenge to perform day after day in whatever the weather; being threatened by other performers and intimidated by police. After performing with Brooks & Dunn in 2001, I performed at some comedy clubs across the southwest with Chris Karney, then went to New Orleans for 3 months to live in a French Quarter apartment and learn more on the streets.

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