Busking at Mardi Gras 2002

I street performed for years all over the world. Juggling and comedy shows free to the public and costly to me. It was a really great challenge to perform day after day in whatever the weather; being threatened by other performers and intimidated by police.

After performing with Brooks & Dunn in 2001, I performed at some comedy clubs across the southwest with Chris Karney, then went to New Orleans for 3 months to live in a French Quarter apartment and learn more on the streets.

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FairTastic Benefit Show

Fairtastic Poster

I’m performing at a benefit fair for a magnet school. Performing there last year, I found that this particular magnet attracts noisy disruptive kids which is perfect for my kinda show. I think I’m supposed to do 20-30 minutes of whatever I want. That will include yelling at folks and imagining that childrens laughs are actually sobs. Continue reading