Contortion in Scary Movie 5

Scary Movie 5 was reshooting part of the film in Feb 2013 and needed a thin contortionist to play the role of MAMA — a parody of the character Mama from the movie Mama.  The stunt coordinator, Charles Croughwell, requested an audition tape, so I looked up any videos I could find of the movie Mama (still in theaters at the time) and sent him this.. and got the job!


I was sent to Two Hours in the Dark for makeup.  Gary Tunnicliffe and Mike Regan transformed me into an amazing dead woman!  I had my hands, arms and head life-cast completely separately, then they made complete arms and head mask  (3 different masks of different expressions) for me.

I was nervous about a lot of stuff and these three guys, Charlie, Gary, and Mike were super kind and made it fun, safe and as comfortable as possible. This was a really cool experience.

Here are some photos behind the scenes of my makeup and stunts… I did contortion, juggling, comedy, stunt falls, and other movement. I am the villain in the movie.

This was the perfect time to be a skinny contortionist. I was so glad I could do it, it was really fun and I got to take my mom to set with me a couple days.

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