8 Reasons Normal People Should Juggle

Juggling is a really good exercise for life. It has a lot of the fun parts of a soul sport (working to better yourself, non-competitive activity, etc.) but isn’t dangerous — unless you’re juggling fire or pancakes or something. That’s why I want everyone to learn. I’m offering juggling lessons in Los Angeles and an inexpensive (and most helpful) DVD because I want the world to juggle.

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Pancakes & Insanity at the California State Fair

The California State Fair is a lot like a Clint Eastwood movie. People are squinting, there’s dehydration, and hangings are eminent.

I was performing there 3 or 4 shows per day every day in my friend Frank Olivier’s Show as well as 1 time per day in the demo kitchen area (where chefs are showing the public the obsolete activity of cooking). 62 Frank Shows + 18 kitchen shows = 80 shows in 18 days.

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