8 Reasons Normal People Should Juggle

Juggling is a really good exercise for life. It has a lot of the fun parts of a soul sport (working to better yourself, non-competitive activity, etc.) but isn’t dangerous — unless you’re juggling fire or pancakes or something. That’s why I want everyone to learn. I’m offering juggling lessons in Los Angeles and an inexpensive (and most helpful) DVD because I want the world to juggle.

Scot Nery Juggling Balls

I’m sure juggling’s not a cure-all like alcohol, but it does a great job with the following 8 thingies:

  1. brain growth
  2. body comfort
  3. stress relief
  4. focus retention
  5. coordination boosting
  6. being interesting
  7. improved learning
  8. unboring meditation

#1 Save your Brain

It used to be thought that your noggin starts falling apart when you become an adult. The thinking went that you’d continue downhill until death or alien cocoons were found. Possibly sent from space, juggling can help prevent this deterioration and can even help you grow stuff in your old age.

There are studies that say you can…

Grow White Matter & Grow Gray Matter … Weird, huh?

#2 Got The Hunchies?

The average person spends 312 hours per day at a computer. Your back and neck get outta whack, your wrists start hurting and your legs fall asleep. You can combat this crappy feeling by doing light exercise – juggling is perfect. To hone the art of juggling, you need to think about standing up straight, relaxing, and using your hands correctly.

#3 I can’t de-stress you with my eyes

It’s nice to learn something new, do something active and get away from what seems important in your life. You can lose your tension through tons of hobbies, but juggling is a great combination of physical activity, brain stimulation, joy of success, and visual stimulation. Here’s another scientific study…

Effect of juggling therapy on anxiety disorders in female patients

#4 Focus

Sometimes it feels like A.D.D. makes you better at stuff, but when it comes down to it, we really need to be able to sit still and focus until something’s done. Juggling builds your focus muscles through regular practice and a built-in rewards system.

One of the top performing jugglers in the world, Reid Belstock, had his life transformed by juggling. Focus was a major benefit for him:

“Juggling is a fantastic way to develop one’s focus. I spent 4 years in a special school based on children with learning disabilities, and motor-skill impairment. I was on meds for years to keep me from being less scattered in school. I found that once I was able to juggle, I was constantly spending time working on something. Once my goal was reached, I would try the next logical step up. When you are trying to reach a juggling goal, you either can do it or not. Once you learn the new technique, it is a tangible result, and this helped me focus for longer periods of time, and allowed me to focus on one single task until it was finished.”

#5 Coordination

Juggling helps your eye/hand coordination… DUH! You don’t just get juggly, you have better coordination for life. Think of all the situations where balls are flying at your face ( sports, Christmas tree accidents, etc. ). It would be handy to have handier hands.

One baseball player I taught to juggle said that his batting improved in just 3 lessons and suggested me to several other players. Juggling has also helped people with typing and learning to play instruments as well as just being less clumsy.

#6 Being Entertaining

It’s not cool to always be telling everyone you can juggle. I know from experience. It is cool to pop out an unexpected novelty once in a while. Juggling can prevent a nephew from crying, surprise a date or prove that you’re not just a fascist dictator.

The main reason I like juggling is because it not only can make people excited about me, but it can make them excited about themselves and their own potentials.

#7 Learn how to Learn

You probably know someone who brags being a master of 6 dance styles, or has belts in 4 martial arts. It’s not as big a deal as it might seem. For example, once you learn how to learn one language, it’s easy to learn more languages. Your brain gets good at figuring out what’s important to remember and how to adapt.

Juggling involves problem solving, posture, hand and arm movement as well as balance, so if you learn juggling, you can learn anything. That’s my guarantee.

Add that “learning to learn” idea to the fact that aerobic activity can increase your learning ability (another study), and you’re on your way to being a super learner.

#8 Meditation

We’ve all heard that meditation can help you be better at hugging and make your hair grow longer. Well kids, there’s a new kinda meditation in town — Active Meditation. eHow.com tells us how to do active meditation and it’s basically:

  • do something active
  • focus on the present
  • be aware of your surroundings
  • be aware of yourself
  • stop before your boss walks in

This stuff is built in to learning to juggle. People I teach often turn into little kids excited about a new skill and reconnected with their bodies. I am not a hippy, but I think that you should accept that you have arms and legs and that they can do more than keeping you from rolling down hills.

How To Learn

learn to juggle video on youtube

… or you want to give juggling as a gift, check out my Juggling DVD – Catch U; and my Los Angeles juggling lessons.
I make my money from performing internationally at corporate parties and special events. I am going out of my way to teach juggling because I want to be nice a little bit.

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