FairTastic Benefit Show

Fairtastic Poster

I’m performing at a benefit fair for a magnet school. Performing there last year, I found that this particular magnet attracts noisy disruptive kids which is perfect for my kinda show. I think I’m supposed to do 20-30 minutes of whatever I want. That will include yelling at folks and imagining that childrens laughs are actually sobs. Continue reading

Los Angeles County Fair Juggling Recap

Backpack Tricks at the LA County FairThe Los Angeles County Fair is the biggest county fair in the world — don’t tell India, or they’ll probably start creating counties. The fair is a fun place for families to go, eat some burgers, watch cows being born and shout “You suck!” at the pancake juggler. It was all in good fun ( is there bad fun? ) as their chorus of descent ricocheted off my hardened ego, echoing back insults which were sharper, more individualized and funnier. Continue reading