Halloween Night 2006 Movie

In 2006, I was asked by a friend Mark Atkins to be the killer in Halloween Night. Guess what… I did it. It was my first movie doing heavy makeup and it was straight to DVD, but I’m talking a lot of DVDs! It was in every Hollywood Video and every Blockbuster across the country. It was translated to other languages. My friend even saw it in the trashcan of a taxi driver in Florida!

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Contortion In ExpressJet Ad

Hey, I did contortion in the national ad for ExpressJet. You can see the ExpressJet commercial online at “TV: Kiss” on expressjet.com . To see more of my contortion and commercial work, check in to my stuntgood.com

If they give me a copy of the commercial, I’ll upload an HD version for y’all to view. There’s also another contortionist in this ad. Bonnie Morgan is doing flips on a trampoline.