New Pancake Shirt For Sale

UPDATE: The shirts all sold out

Got my pancake shirts in and ready to get them out to you. If you want an “I (heart) PANCAKES” tshirt, I’m dishin’ them out for only $15 $10 (INCLUDING SHIPPING!!?!) for a little while to get them out to the people that need them.

It say’s “I Love Pancakes” in a quality silkscreen on durable 100% cotton chest curtain. The shirt will look good and last you through lots of diner visits. The reason I’m selling it for so low, is I’m not trying to be a t-shirt dealer. I want to be a performer that’s easy to like. If you like me and you want a shirt, I’ll get a small profit and you’ll get fun evening-wear.

Every time I wear mine, some girl comes up to me and tells me how much she likes pancakes too.  Luckily, it’s a different girl each time.

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