Comedy Cage Match Winner!

Two comedians compete head-to-head performing 60seconds each of standup. That standup is broadcast to 5 or 6 mobile phones all around the country. Then, one of those mobile phone owners votes for me.


I won the first round of Comedy Cage Match on CBS Mobile. It isn’t that my comedy was that much better than other comedians, just that people love my comedy more. People voted and I won! Thank you, people.

I am the champion of comedy, and move on to the second round where I again capture 100% of the votes. After that I don’t know what happens. I think being the funniest comedy person in the world will get me my own developement deal with CBS mobile. Then I’ll finally get to do the cellphone cinema I’ve wanted to do since I was 4.

The Comedy Cage Match is only part of my lashing out against anonymity on the web. I am also one of the few comedians rateable on Yelp and google business search. Write me a review and see if I care. I probably will (care).

Keep your eyes in. We’re taping round two in late april / early may. So I’ll need a vote from you to win this. I think I’ll be competing against some people that own multiple phones. PS: I’m the underdog.