Los Angeles Comedy Festival Juggler

Hey, I’m gonna be pancake juggling at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival between May 1 & 18. I don’t have my specific schedule of shows, but I know I’ll be doing shows involving comedy and me. Partially guaranteed.

Pancake on my old stove

You can go to their site right now and see old information for last year. That will be good. Sometimes nostalgia is best when it’s not your own.

Like the movie The Sandlot. It’s a story about these kids that play baseball and they’re this team that’s made up of misfits and they don’t have a chance in heck until their coach says, something like, “Kids, just because you’re different doesn’t mean the same kids can’t lose.” Then, they go crazy and get really good and they win. See, that didn’t happen directly to me, but I remember it like the back of my hand.

And there was that show “The Golden Years” about my parent’s memories and how people were really stupid and they freaked out every time something embarrasing happened. It was because you see, my parents did not have illegal drugs and teenage pregnancy to help regulate mood and put things in perspective. My mother didn’t even have pregnancy in her 20s. That’s why my parents were all old by the time I was of age to do my first comedy festivals. Makes you nostalgic for Vaudeville, doesn’t it? Back when performers that were really old were never paid enough and were forced to work the rest of their short lives to pay off their cigarette debts?

Comedy festivals are fun. People come ready for the opportunity to either be disappointed or have a good time. That’s how I like them. Gotta prove myself. And I will.