Juggling at the Comedy Festival – Las Vegas

The comedy festival was really fun. I traveled with a bunch of other comedians who I knew through Garage Comedy and we had tons of laughs and love and whatever else is positive. I did a 45 minute set in Caesar’s Court at Caesar’s Palace which was more stage-time than most everyone there. Either they liked me that much or scheduling went all screwy and I got lucky.

Looking Homeless - photo: Andrew Lasky

Either way, my show went over well. 5 minutes into the show, a drunk guy came up to the stage and started talking to me. Once I realized that he was good natured and ready to have fun, I tore into him. He hung out for the whole show and I slung jokes his way. If he was a curmudgeonous man, the jokes would have been at his expense, but they turned out to be at his delight… so I continued. Turned into a really terrific comedy show. Not many hecklers do it well, but it was a charmed night. On my page there’s a video of a few of the jokes between us.

As a result of that show I was invited for a long interview on the National Lampoon Comedy Radio. Kevin Couch loved my set and we got to chat about the difference between something and something else. I don’t remember what happened. You can watch it here:

It was crazy. I had fun with Will Franken (the best sketch comedian in the world) too. He wrote a blog post about our 12 hour adventure of talking to hooters girls and meeting some extremely homophobic girl and how we made her sick by letting her assume we were gay.  It’s a really great story. I recommend reading it.

Oh man, what a blog post. Then, separate from the comedy festival, we (the garage comedy folks and I) also did shows in a punk club, another place and a strip club. I didn’t like these shows, but I loved the fliers — pictured below. If you’ve never been to Vegas, these fliers are parody of prostitute advertisements made available for free on the strip.stripper cards