Styrofoam Cup Trick: Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno .. Scot NeryI was very honored to be on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. We discussed me being from Columbiana, OH, and I performed a trick with a plastic cup. This is a trick I’ve had in my bag for a while, but I’ve never perfected it or created a routine around it.

It was so fun to meet Jay Leno and the Tonight Show team was really nice and hospitalitizing. More updates to come.

The other performers were also cool. We hung out in the commissary and commiserated. My pal and ridiculous rapper Steinomite came along and sat next to me in the “audience.”

The Tonight Show found me by seeing the unusual use of the cup on my reel.

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  • I’ve seen you do that trick 10 times in a row, but I think it was with a smaller cup. You were actually on TV for about 10-15 minutes; thought you handled it well. The guy with the kiddie pool was from Youngstown; thought someone might mention the connection. I’m reconsidering a trip out there…

  • Thanks, Autumn! He made himself look short and a little out of focus. I had very little influence.

    “Hospitalitize” — nobody went to the hospital… but they should have -from clapping so hard.

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