Top 9 animals of 2009

Looking Back…
While everyone’s excited about the new year and the coming top animals (I have some of my own speculations), I thought we should take a moment to slow down and appreciate what animals were great in 2009. If you have an animal that you wish would have been in the list, please leave a comment.

Top Animal #9: parakeet

In retrospect, it’s easy to see that 2007 and 2008 were just lead-ups to a great year for parakeets, but let’s face it, nobody saw this coming. Parakeets had a stupendous year of chewing on wood and scurrying around tiny cages. This was the year that parakeets really became the “Above Ground Canaries.” Unfortunately, they made a lot of noise this year and that’s why they’re positioned at #9.

Top Animal #8: lion

We love the lion. Always the same. The lion is the king of the jungle, and like most kings, they’re inbred. Lions did a great job this year of getting the birth defects we all wish we had the guts to get.

Top Animal #7: kangaroo

What is there to say about the kangaroo that you don’t already know. Definitely, in 2009 kangaroos are the animal everyone knows, but has never seen in person. Pouch, jumping, boxing, barbecuing, tail. Forget about it. Super animal this year.

Top Animal #6: chimpanzee

Though a famous chimp and child lover died this year, chimpanzees made it work. As usual, they snuck in as monkeys, then as if to say, “Look, no tail!” they had no tails.

Top Animal #5: deer

What animal can total your car and kill you, but can also be hunted using a flashlight and a hammer? Deer ’09.

Top Animal #4: dolphin

Where to start? Dolphins in 2009? Wow! Right from the start of the year, it seemed like dolphins really knew what they were doing. They had the slippery skin and that compelling cuteness as always, but they had something new, something better. Scientists can’t figure it out — hence, not much dolphin news this year. That “it” factor is what made the dolphin’s 2009 a breakthrough. I had to put them on the list this year because they did great and plus, they might all be dead next year.

Top Animal #3: Snow leopard

I want to be clear. Snow leopards sucked this year. They did nothing good. They even killed a bunny. Luckily for them, Mac named a new OS after them. I would have put them at #4, but people would complain in the comments.

Top Animal #2: Rat

Rats really rate this year. The surprising recognizability of the rat has infested our minds and made a trashnest in our hearts. Rats could wallow in #2 for decades just based on the number of things that are called “rats with wings” ( bats, pigeons, seagulls, angels, US Air, Hooters, crows, etc.)

Top Animal #1: Human

I know the flack I’m going to get for this one, but humans are not in the number one position because of my own humanity or that of most of my family members. Humans are just the best. They moved all over the globe this year. It seems like they were involved in every news article somehow this year, and they even made it on MTV.

Wrap up…

So there you have it, we were all really surprised with how this year turned out for animals.

Thoughts and predictions – 2010

It just so happens that next year is 2010. After one year of making these lists, the one thing I’ve learned about animal popularity, is it is something you can’t learn. I don’t want to risk humiliation next year by putting up some pompous predictions only to be proven wrong in 366 days. I’ll only make one guess. Geese. I think the phrase for the coming year will be “What does that goose think he’s doing?”

Geese don’t have PR, they don’t have lobbyists, they just have themselves and they do messed up things to confuse us all.

0 thoughts on “Top 9 animals of 2009

  • Not sure if it’s an animal but still:
    Manta Rays. You left off Manta Rays. Hello? MANTA rays?
    Question: Is there anything cooler than a Manta Ray?
    Answer: No, Mr.Campbell. There is not. Also you are a genius for pointing that out. Thank you Mr. Campbell. Nice beard.

  • I always liked Aquarians. Born in Feb, the friendliest signs of the zodiac, and symbolized by water. That is a critter i can stand behind.

  • I don’t feel like I have to answer Ron because he answered himself.

    Kasey, Aquarians had a good part of the year. Then, we got into march and things went pearshaped quickly for them. They’re pretty cute though.

    Miss, you’re right. Animals sure are tricky.

  • Bebe' Firefly says:

    Scot I thought this was a well thought list. I do think that very large lizards should be in the top 9. Oh and I think Otters are pretty swell also..

    A side note to Kasey. I must let you know that people often make the mistake that Aquarians are ruled by water. Aquarians are in fact ruled by air. Which is awesome. I think so because my element also happens to be air Gemini that I am. I would also attribute your social inclinations to that fact 🙂

    There are 3 signs devoted to each element.
    Air: Gemini, Aquarius & Libra
    Water: Scorpio, Cancer & Pisces
    Earth: Capricorn, Virgo & Taurus
    Fire: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

    Happy New Year Scot. Lokking forward to next years list
    Love Bebe’ Firefly

  • Bebe – I definitely agree that large lizards should be at the top of the list, since 2010 is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese zodiac. This opinion has nothing to do with the fact that I myself am Asian, no really, it doesn’t. Perhaps Scot could put it on the list for next year?

    Finally, that hamster pictured above looks awfully uncomfortable, I imagine the next shot of it has his eyes missing because he was squeezed so hard they popped out.



  • hello?

    have you forgotten about the cougar?? (I’m sure every old hag who reads this comment will hate me! Bring it on as I know shaolin kempo! And spar twice a week!)

    Anyhoo, the cougar….my thought?

    Marriage are for wimps. Every woman got to go through their 40’s. You’re yet to become a cougar, its every woman’s birthright.

    See…….(copy and paste)

  • Bebe – I definitely agree that large lizards should be at the top of the list, since 2010 is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese zodiac. This opinion has nothing to do with the fact that I myself am Asian, no really, it doesn’t. Perhaps Scot could put it on the list for next year?

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