Los Angeles Comedian, Juggler + Contortionist

"Splendidly Surreal!" - Robin Williams

Scot Nery is a renowned juggler, comedian, performance artist, and host.

He has appeared on The Tonight Show, at the HBO Comedy Festival, and in film for Disney, Sony and the hit horror spoof Scary Movie 5. Scot has performed at private and industry events for Fortune 500 companies including McDonald's and Mattel.

"He's amazing!" - Moby

Recently, Scot was featured for FX's hit series America Horror Story.

Kudos For Scot!


"Emeril Meets Johnny Knoxville!" - San Francisco Chronicle

"For even quirkier performers, look no further than juggler and comedian Scot Nery!" - Time Out New York

"Nery never splatters while mixing patter with the batter. And there's nothing like a hot skillet to add sizzle to a juggling routine!" - LA Times

"Surefire jokes as well as juggling skills made him a clear crowd fave!" - Oregon Live

"Very Funny Juggler!" - Backstage Magazine

"'The funniest thing I've ever seen!'" - Palm Springs Desert Sun

"Freaks are a precious natural resource... Anyone who says different probably hasn't ever witnessed Scot Nery live onstage in any of his hysterically weird incarnations: pancake juggler, backpack escape artist, cooking show host, etc." - San Francisco Weekly

"I saw Jerry Seinfeld eh, he was okay. Saw a little Chris Rock eh, he was cool. When everybody asks me what my highlight [of the HBO Comedy Festival] was, it was seein' this guy!" - National Lampoon Radio

"A Comedic Success!" - Oakland Tribune


"Scot is one of the most hilarious comedy & variety acts that I have experienced in my 20 years of event planning. He kept both the kids and the adults entertained for 20 minutes straight. I simply say USE HIM! He is the best." - Guy Genis @ Event Makers

"More than just an amazing juggler or contortionist, Scot is an improvisational phenom. One can only imagine how hard he worked for it to come off with such ease.*Hilarious*" - Matt Kowal @ New Belgium

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"Scot Nery's performances are a delightfully irreverent indulgence with a highly-refined level of showmanship that amazes audiences of all ages." - Philip Solomon @ Way2Much Entertainment

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"He's courageous on stage, and savvy off." - Mark Wood Entertainment Inc.


"Splendidly Surreal!" - Robin Williams

"The juggler who insults the audience! He's amazing!" - Moby

"He's Funny, Charming, Long and Lanky!" - Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall

"Scot Nery is really really really funny." - Billy The Mime / Steven Banks

"Probably the Greatest Entertainer in America Today!" - Kix from Brooks & Dunn

"Really Funny!" - Paul Reubens

"You Wouldn't lose on America's Got Talent. You are funny and talented!" - Howie Mandel

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