Scot Nery is a comedy entertainer who performs a pancake juggling show around the world, works in television and film, and creates theatrical prop-oriented productions.

Live Entertainer Scot Nery

Strategic and Creative Development

Scot develops shows for stage and screen and helps others develop their skills.

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TV Pitch Logos

Current TV Development

Scot is currently collaborating on several television development projects that are extensions of his life's skills and experiences.

The plan is to have six products ready to pitch by July 1st, 2014 and get something sold this year. Scot doesn't currently have a writing agent, but if you'd like to talk to him about pitching or reading treatments, you may contact Scot directly scot@jugglegood.com. Scot would be happy to set up a meeting with a third-party if that's what you prefer.

A History of Successful Live Productions

SlapCon (2012 + 2013)

Slapcon is an international gathering of slapstick enthusiasts. It's casual and concentrated -- focused on the fun task of learning and advancing the art of violent physical comedy.

Two 12 hour days. Four delicious meals. Several exciting workshops. Inspiring performances. Motivation, education and a chance to play.

LA is Paradise (2012)

LA is Paradise was conceived as a show for the tourists of Los Angeles. It is directed by Stefan Haves with production help from Lili VonSchtupp and Andrew Moore. LA is Paradise is a comedy show about the grey area of LA and why it is the best part. More video coming soon. LA is Paradise

Contraganda (2007)

Contraganda was a comedy variety show co-created with Eric Cash. It only saw the stage a few times. Most importantly, two shows in the Shelton Theater in San Francisco and one performance at UCLA.

Scot has a natural interest in marketing and sociology, but researching for this show really sent him into the books and he "lied his way into" a job at a marketing company to get the inside scoop.

CuliNery Tuesdays & Crash Course (2004-2005)

Due to a misunderstanding, a theater owner told Scot "You can do your cooking show in my theater." Scot said, "Cooking show... yes. Thank you. I'll be ready to start in two weeks."

Two weeks later, CuliNery Tuesdays began. It was a fun comedy cooking show live on stage with unusual themes like "Gingerbread Crackhouse" and "Snacks for your roadtrip to the moon". People got real food samples if they were trusting enough and it was really fun.

Scot got a gig in Japan, so he left, made a bunch of money and came back to San Francisco's Climate Theater to continue with Crash Course. Crash Course was three nights per week and much more professional (full set, lighting setup, minor-celebrity guest chefs, etc.) Crash Course and CuliNery Tuesdays ran for 6 months each.

Visceral Variety Showcase (2001)

After street performing for nearly a year around the country, Scot Nery and Chris Karney set to work making a comedy variety show of epic proportions. Eventually featured on the Discovery Channel, it became a very popular, insane event weekly at the Odeon Bar in San Francisco. Scot and Chris promoted the show by flyering on the streets, going to clubs and making scenes which lead to them being kicked out most of the time, and using word of mouth.

Visceral Variety grew by giving some of the world's best variety wizards opportunities to try out new stuff and reminisce their humble beginnings. The show was renowned for it's difficult, seen-it-all audiences and anything-goes atmosphere.

Scot Loves Teaching

juggling, contortion and juggling teacher

Scot can help beginners or pros. Develop skills and /or acts in Comedy, Juggling, Magic, or improving Live Performance technique.

Scot's lessons are casual and one-on-one. The schedule of your private lesson will depend on Scot's tour schedule. Pricing is $50 for 45 minutes or $75 for 90 minutes. Contact him directly at scot@jugglegood.com if you'd like to set up a first lesson.

skypeLessons are also available over video chat.


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