Award winning Cirque performances and actor coaching for film and TV | Contortionist, Juggler, Comedian, Magician. Hollywood uses Scot Nery for his ability to rapidly learn and teach unusual abilities.

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Scot finds the most efficient ways to make your actors look like circus pros on camera. Why take the time to learn how to juggle when Scot can help you fake it?


Scot learns at a fast pace and is often called-upon to perform crazy skills as a body double / actor. Your performers can’t put their feet behind their head, but Scot can!


Scot has a unique ability to teach his skills to other performers and actors. Need your lead to juggle or breathe fire? Scot can make it happen with custom coaching sessions designed for any skill level

Scot Nery is a renowned performer, actor, character creator, and coach . His portrayal of “Mama” in Scary Movie 5 was frighteningly hilarious, and he has a laundry list of appearances on film, TV, stage and print. His physical skills and comedic timing make him a perfect fit for bringing self aware characters to life on the big screen. Whether you need him to perform, act as a body double, or train your actors to do impossible stunts, Scot is the man!