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Contact Juggling with Amy Adams

The call came in, “Scot? Can you do contact juggling?”

My answer was, “What is it for?”

“We need someone in Los Angeles to teach a celebrity how to contact juggle for a commercial.”

“I’m your man.”

Contact Juggling Teacher & Student
Backstage Contact Juggling Shoot
Backstage Contact Juggling Ad
Behind the Scenes on Amy Adams Contact Juggling Shoot.

I am not the #1 contact juggler, but I am a good teacher, so I knew whatever they wanted me to learn, I could learn and teach it.   They sent me a video with someone who looked just like Amy Adams and I returned with a video of me doing the moves from their video plus some.  I AM NOT THE BEST CONTACT JUGGLER!

They hired me to teach her. I didn’t have very much time with the sweet girl, but I mostly just tried to help give her confidence in the contact movements she had to perform on camera. She did a lovely job and it was incredible seeing a pro like her working for hours in front of a camera looking fresh with a fan blowing in her face the whole time.

Special super thanks to Remy Holwick for lending me a ball and giving me mega tips and to Rex Camphuis for recommending me highly.

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